Dr. Eytan Orrelle, born in 1973 (a second generation dentist), was raised in Jerusalem. After graduating (2004) from the Haddassa Ein-Carem Faculty of Dentistry, he began enhancing his experience in dental care, serving in varied public and private clinics. In the year 2012, he completed specialization studies and training in Prosthodontics and Oral Rehabilitation at Tel Aviv University. Dr. Orrelle is a member of both the Israeli Dental Association and the Israeli Rehabilitation Union.

Besides his private practice, he served as an instructor for dental students for 6 years in both Hadassa hospital and Tel Aviv University, lectured at professional conventions , and has publishes articles on Oral Rehabilitation. Dr. Orrelle believes that a specialist must always continue learning and constantly strives to keep updated with the contemporary literature in the field.

- Calm Attentive Atmosphere.
With great success our staff does its utmost to grant our patients a positive experience. We know many of you arrive at treatment with fears and anxiety, and we are dedicated to changing this situation.
- Professional Excellence.
We offer advanced and up to date treatment by a Rehabilitation Specialist, integrating the highest professional and technical abilities.
- Inclusive Oral Rehabilitation Outlook on Treatment.
The specialization in Oral Rehabilitation provides the benefit of perspective and Specialist skills and tools to build an inclusive dental treatment plan tailored to suit our patient's needs. In the end, this saves the patient money too.
"It is important to me to understand exactly what my patient's needs and wishes are, and to
form a plan that is suited both to his/her medical needs and financial abilities. In order to
ensure this kind of treatment, behind the title of Oral Rehabilitation Specialist there must
stand a person who listens with respect and who is guided by a clear moral compass and
ethical code".
The Conservative (conservation) Approach is our approach to treatment. This approach is guided by the aim of minimum intervention. Our aim is to refrain from extracting teeth.
“In the age of implants there is a very exaggerated tendency towards extracting teeth. I believe that it is very important to try to retain the natural teeth whenever possible and I invest efforts in doing so. When, however, a tooth is missing or a tooth cannot be saved, implants are an excellent solution. Implants are the closest thing to the natural tooth and are the best answer to a missing tooth. My specialization in Oral Rehabilitation includes weighing the factors and making the decision about when it is possible to retain the tooth. When it is not possible, as a specialist I rehabilitate the tooth to the most natural level attainable. I invite you to come see for yourself.“
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Over the years, I have studied and have gained in dental experience. Yet in order to grant my patients the best oral care possible, I decided to undertake a specialization in Oral Rehabilitation. This specialization allowed me to attain deeper, broader, and up to date knowledge and skills in oral health care.
My professional path integrates attentiveness to, and respect of, the needs of my patients, with precise and meticulous work, based on the skills and know-how of the Oral Rehabilitation Specialist. This benefits my patients a sense of calmness and security regarding their oral health care.
The clinic treats any human being with the understanding of his/her needs and respect of his/her feelings and apprehensions.
The clinic creates a pleasant, supportive, calming atmosphere. Relaxing music and the comfortable treatment create the best experience of treatment possible.
Excellence and meticulousness are inherent and mandatory to the treatment given in our clinic. I believe that the big difference begins with the smallest details.
Our clinic strives to provide relief for the population suffering from anxiety regarding dental care. Attentiveness, calm treatment, an attitude of patience, and providing explanations along the way, create an added sense of homeliness for all our patients, especially for those who are apprehensive regarding treatment. Everyone has the right to oral health care, and fear and apprehension must not serve as an obstacle for our patients.
Professional and moral ethics are the basic guideline in the treatment given at our clinic. The only consideration in proffering my professional opinion will be what is best and most suitable to the patient.
Our relationship with our patients is based on trust, honesty, and commitment to our patients' well-being.
Our clinic is committed to:
- Achieving the best possible results regarding precision and esthetics.
- Attentive care and support our patients all along the way.
- Granting the kind of treatment that I would want to receive as a patient.
- Your oral health, to you.
The combination of a specialization in oral rehabilitation and high service awareness will save you money. The Oral Rehabilitation Specialist's extensive knowledge provides him the tools to make an inclusive and precise analysis of the patient's condition. This analysis becomes the basis of a treatment plan that is suited to the patient's financial limitations.
Such inclusive knowledge grants the Specialist an understanding of what is crucial and worthwhile investing the most resources in, and what can be done to make the treatment less costly without harming the outcome as a whole.