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Welcome to Dr. Eytan Orrelle's Clinic

Dr. Eytan Orrelle, born in 1973 (a second generation dentist), was raised in Jerusalem. After graduating (2004) from the Haddassa Ein-Carem Faculty of Dentistry, he began enhancing his experience in dental care, serving in varied public and private clinics. In the year 2012, he completed specialization studies and training in Prosthodontics and Oral Rehabilitation at Tel Aviv University. Dr. Orrelle is a member of both the Israeli Dental Association and the Israeli Rehabilitation Union. Besides his private practice, he served as an instructor for dental students for 6 years in both Hadassa hospital and Tel Aviv University, lectured at professional conventions , and has publishes articles on Oral Rehabilitation. Dr. Orrelle believes that a specialist must always continue learning and constantly strives to keep updated with the contemporary literature in the field.




Oral Rehabilitation

This area of specialization deals with the reconstruction of teeth in order to improve function and aesthetics at the highest level of treatment. This field applies to simple treatment such as fillings

Aesthetic Treatments

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, it is said. Nevertheless, humanity busies itself with its aesthetics and invests much energy in it. The aesthetics of the face including beautiful teeth constitutes an inseparable part

Implants in Dentistry

Implants brought about a revolution in dentistry! By means of implants, those who have lost their teeth can refrain from using dentures. Those with partially missing teeth can complete what is missing.