Dental Tourism


We invite you to come and get acquainted with our clinic. Enjoy your "tour" of our site, and we will gladly answer any questions you may have. Our patients from abroad enjoy an extraordinary integral package that includes dental treatment of the highest quality, combined with a unique tour of Israel led by leading licensed tour guides ensuring you an experience of Israel unlike any other!

The process begins with us getting to know you. In spite of the distance, we will do this through studying your medical files, your relevant x-rays and through speaking with you. We will achieve a clear understanding of your needs, and build several treatment alternatives, and together, we will decide which is most suitable to you. You may note that our clinic ensures a 10 year guarantee of all our treatment.

After integrating the information, we will put together a package for you, which will include taking care of your flight, your board, your treatment schedule, and creating a tour program tailored to you! 

You will receive a price quote, and if all is agreeable to you, the rehabilitation of your mouth and your visit to Israel will be on its way! If you are in need of dental care, and would like to visit Israel, our package may be perfect for you!

You are welcome to make contact and further explore the option of our dental care and tour package.

"It was absolutely perfect! I received the highest quality dental care and at the same time visited my children and grandchildren in Israel. All this for less than the cost of the dental care offered to me here in Florida."

 - Mrs. Berkowitz


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    Based on our experience, the best way to begin is to get acquainted with you. Through conversation with you and receiving your information and your x-rays by e-mail, we want to know what is bothering you and what your expectations are. Upon understanding your needs, we will prepare a treatment plan for you.
    The treatment plan which you will receive, will include the order of the treatments, schedules and the number of meetings necessary, and pricing. Just to give you an idea, full mouth restoration on implants takes between 3-4 visits.
    The basic package we offer includes the treatment plan and transportation to and from the clinic. In this package, you take care of the flight arrangements and board.
    In the enlarged package we take care of the flight arrangements and board too.
    We also offer an all-inclusive tourism package in which in addition to the dental treatment, flight arrangements and board, we arrange unforgettable tours and trips with the best of Israel's tour guides.
    The dentist Dr. Eytan Orrelle is an esteemed Oral Rehabilitation Specialist with over 12 years of experience in rehabilitation and implants. The entire clinic is dedicated and invested in our patients' wellbeing. We use the latest techniques and technology to ensure your successful dental rehabilitation. We provide a 7 year guarantee for our treatments because our treatments are of the highest quality and standard.
    Upon the completion of the treatment, we will give you the tools and ability to take care of your mouth in the upkeep stage which is no less meaningful than the treatment itself.
    Upon the completion of each stage in the treatment, you will be set up with a strong and stable temporary rehabilitation and will receive clear upkeep instructions. There should be no cause for problems in the entire treatment process. However, if you should come across some difficulty, there are several options:
    If you are visiting in Israel again, we will treat the problem ourselves, free of charge of course.
    If you are not planning another visit, we will make contact with a dentist in your locale and explain the problem to him/her and instruct the dentist on how to help you. The cost will be on us!