Oral Rehabilitation

This area of specialization deals with the reconstruction of teeth in order to improve function and aesthetics at the highest level of treatment. This field applies to simple treatment such as fillings, single crowns etc. and to more complex treatments that involve the entire mastication system, such as reconstruction of a lack of a large amount of teeth, teeth erosion, occlusion problems. Treatment is effected by means of bridges, dentures and implants.

The Oral Rehabilitation Specialist is the leading authority on dental treatment. Since the Oral Rehabilitation Specialist is qualified in several fields of specialization in dentistry (such as surgery, periodontics, orthodontics and so on), the Specialist has an inclusive overview of the entire masticatin system. Thereby, the Oral Rehabilitation Specialist serves as the "architect" of the dental treatment. In cases where it is necessary, the patient is referred to other specialists in order to receive the best treatment possible.


The training program of the Specialist is long and expensive. In addition to the 6 years of dentistry, the Oral Rehabilitation Specialist undergoes another 4.5 years of training, which include among others, in depth studies of the academic literature both of old and new methods in dentistry. Thereby, the Specialist acquires comprehensive knowledge in the field. In addition, the work in the Oral Rehabilitation department of the University, alongside leading instructors, enhances the Specialists' insistence on precision and the highest standard of excellence in his/her work.

A significant advantage of the Specialist is the in depth multidisciplinary knowledge he/she has. This knowledge is vital in the process of decision making in dental treatment. Building a correct treatment plan that is suited to the patient both medically and financially is the key to the success of the treatment - alongside high technical abilities of course.

The Oral Rehabilitation Specialist is committed to excellence, and to constantly being updated in the developments in the field of his specialization and in the accompanying fields of oral health in order to ensure his/her patients receive the utmost in dental care.

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