Dr. Eytan Orrelle, D.D.S

Born in 1973 and raised in Jerusalem. Completed his dental studies in 2004 at the Hadassah Ein-Carem Dental Faculty. He acquired extensive experience in both private and public frameworks. He completed a 4 year program of specialization in Oral Rehabilitation at Tel Aviv University in the year 2012. For 6 years, Dr. Orrelle served as a dental student instructor at both Hadassah hospital and the Tel Aviv Univerisity. He is a member of the Dental Association and of the Israeli Union for Oral Rehabilitation. He believes that a Specialist must always keep learning.

תמונה נחמה שיננית

Nechama Kafri-Greenberg RDH, BA

N.Canada. Upon the founding of the Hygienists' Association in Israel, Nechama served on the Association's committee as the editor of its newspaper. Nechama is among the members of the examination committee of the Health Ministry. She aims and excels at successfully educating every person to healthy oral hygiene. Nechama views her profession as challenging and satisfying.


Dr. Peter Orrelle, D.D.S

was born in England, and completed his dental studies in 1970. He made aliya to Israel in 1972 and established his dental practice in the Ramat Eshkol, Jerusalem Medical Center. He has over 40 years of experience, and is professionally renowned in the dental field. He is a member of the Dental Association, participates regularly in professional conferences and keeps updated academically.

איתן אוראל_0412Avigal Sidman,

Dental Assistant. Avigal has over 10 years of experience in the field of dental assistance. She aids Dr. Orrelle and the patients simultaneously, and helps create a relaxing and calm atmosphere in the time of treatment. Avigal will gladly assist with any request or query you may have at the time of treatment or outside of the practice.

Shelly Nissim,

Our head secretary, will receive you with warmth and a smile. Shelly is patient, caring and always there to help you. She will answer your every question pleasantly, and will treat every problem with utmost professionalism. Shelly and the rest of the staff create a warm and caring environment.

איתן אוראל_0380

Alina Kaplun,

Our evening hours secretary will answer your every request patiently, and assist with any difficulty that may arise. Alina's calming presence and empathetic attitude will surely make you feel comfortable.