Patient Information

The First Visit
Getting Acquainted
Dr. Orrelle is interested in getting to know you prior to getting to know your oral condition. He is committed to paying attention to all of your special requests. In your first visit you will meet Dr. Eytan Orrelle, and conduct an in depth conversation with him about your needs, your apprehensions, and any other questions you may have.
Health Questionnaire
In your first visit, you will be asked to fill out a health questionnaire. This questionnaire includes questions about any medication you take. This is very important in building an appropriate treatment plan for you. In situations where there is a systemic disease, we will request the information of the doctor who is treating you in order to be in contact with him/her throughout the treatment, keeping the physician updated or receiving guidelines from him/her wherever necessary.


Check Up- Examination
Next, we will conduct an in depth examination of your mouth, the oral cavity, the teeth, the jaw bone and joints, the facial muscles, and an inclusive examination to rule out growths in the mouth.
Presentation of the Treatment Plan
After collecting and evaluating all the above data, Dr. Orrelle will prepare a treatment plan and will present it to you, explaining it to you in detail.

Accessible Pleasant Surroundings
We make great efforts in order to provide you the highest level of comfort in treatment: a calm comfortable environment with relaxing music of your choice, effective local anesthesia in every treatment, and if there is need, the use of "laughing gas"; and in most difficult cases, there is also the option of treatment under full anesthesia.

These are usually used in back teeth and in cases where the preparation of the tooth must be minimal and there is no room for adding porcelain.
This is a metal dome on which there is a porcelain construct. This achieves good aesthetic form and provides excellent function and strength. These crowns are commonly used, but may be problematic when the gums slightly retreat, because then a gray line is revealed between the crown and the gums.
The aspiration to perfect aesthetics and the desire for a clean mouth led to the development of these crowns. In the beginning, these crowns were very beautiful but not strong enough to withstand the forces of the mouth. Today, the materials that have been developed are stronger than the teeth themselves, and offer a perfect solution. They offer optimal functionality and unequaled aesthetics. If in the past porcelain crowns were suitable for the front teeth alone, today non-metal crowns can be used in the whole mouth.

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