" ....I had treatment done here, Implants. When I came after 6 months for my check up my mouth was stable, no fillings needed. and I think its great ! Dr. Orrelle did a great job on me. Thank you"

"I just finished treatment with Dr. Orrelle. I come especially from abroad to have my teeth treated here. I wouln't trust anyone else. I suggest you do the same. Thank you"

"Thank you Dr.Orelle. I felt that I was in good hands every step of the way and I am extremely happy with the results"
Neil Weisbrod

"I live in in the U.K, I visit Israel regularly and visit my family. I take the opportunity to get my dental treatment done while I am here. I am a nervous patient. I am always looking for a careful, calm and accurate Dental Surgeon. I have been really pleased with the I have received by Dr. Eytan Orrelle"

" "Hi, My name is Coby, I'm a professional Magician and Mentalist. I just finished a show for about 500 people. I have been through many dentists over the years. I haven't had the greatest luck with my teeth. I'm in the public eye all the time, I'm on camera, in front of people all the time, and it's very important that I have a very good smile. I have been with Dr. Orrelle for several years now. I actually travel from Toronto all across to Israel just to have him work on my teeth. That is how professional he is. He is one of the best Dentists I have ever met I highly recommend him. If you are looking to doing Crowns, Implants, anything of Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Orrelle is your guy and I highly recommend him"
Coby The Magician

Dear Doctor Orrelle, 
"I am deeply grateful to you for the oral/dental treatments I received from you in the past year. I am more than satisfied by the treatment and the attention I received from you. In particular, I want to thank you for your patience which expressed itself in the way you listened to me and made every attempt to answer my questions. Most important, I am grateful for the gentle manner and professionalism in which you approached my treatment. I want you to know that I am totally confident in you and your ability to diagnose the problem and suggest the appropriate treatment. I am particularly impressed with the team work between you and Avigal, your assistant. You worked in tandem quietly and efficiently.

"And thank you for allowing me to select my music! Hilda Sopher

"My husband is a retired dentist so I am very particular who I trust to do my my dental treatment. Dr Orrelle lived up to my expectations!" 
Mrs. Kathryn Berman

"Eytan is kind, caring, sensitive, very patient and even laughs at my sense of humor. He answers every question I have (too many, maybe) and when we recently went through a crisis in our family, he sat there and listened to me for at least 15 minutes before he touched anything on his tray. I also know that he is a fine dentist and a very decent human being. Avigal and him work so well together. Although I prefer being anyplace else except the dentist's chair, but when there is no choice, I am secure knowing that they are taking good care of me."
Rabbi Leah

"It was absolutely perfect! I received the highest quality dental care and at the same time visited my children and grandchildren in Israel. All this for less than the cost of the dental care offered to me here in Florida." 
Mrs. Berkowitz

"I am very grateful for the excellent treatment I have received from Dr Orrelle over the past few years. He is definitely a very talented and dedicated dentist who has helped me a lot and done extensive work on my teeth and gums. Istrongly recommend Dr Orrelle for anyone seeking excellent results in the dental sphere. He is a Ten Star Dentist !!! " Yehuda Levin