Porcelain Veneers

The Hollywood look that we see in the movies is usually not natural, and is constructed by means of porcelain lamination. This solution is within your reach. If you are interested in meaningfully improving the look of your teeth, porcelain lamination may be the way for you.
Porcelain lamination is not the first solution offered to improve the look of the teeth. The dentist will examine the cause of the imperfection in the look of the teeth and will ensure that there are no nuclei of decay, and verify if simple whitening may solve the problem.If porcelain lamination is decided on as the optimal solution, a simulation in the mouth will be done before the beginning of the process.The porcelain laminations, which are made of the minimal width of half a millimeter, are pasted on the front of the teeth. A thin layer of up to half a millimeter is removed from the teeth, and therefore, this lamination solution is considered much more conservative than a full crown.
The porcelain has a transparency that is similar to that of the tooth. It doesn't change color over time, and when pasted correctly, is very strong.Because of the sensitivity of the technique and the materials, a laboratory with the knowledge and meticulousness to create the lamination must be chosen.
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